Saturday, 30 April 2016


A memory worth keeping the times present. So long a pen to paper, nor a finger to type 
what the circumstances present. But when the feeling keeps growing harder and faster,
the brain illuminates the face to present a smile deep within breaking the hardened, 
Saddened heart for lack of a better way to express the emotions that keep filling deep within. 
And beneath the lies come the truth.

Talk or other, deny the truth but the truth slaps harder and one by one soon the laughter 
will cease. For the womb that knows the pain and the hand that feeds your mouth knowing 
the dangers and struggles involved, I look back and wonder whether any sense remains. 
For the hope once showed now dwindles fast paced when the branches fall to the ground that 
feed and house their roots. The cry is surely on and louder it gets.

Bite your finger harder, the nose will keep bleeding and slowly you'll go to rest but the 
pain sharper. Louder and louder the noise as we await the neighbours sons and daughters to 
make our house a laughing stock. And when I rest my case I look foolish in their eyes.
But hey, "hoona tirwasa ruranyegyera"! She'll say and keep a keen eye on the needles that 
pierce the cloth deeper. But finally we shall head to church at our upcountry residence 
to give thanks to the lord.

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