Friday, 7 November 2014

The way we Conduct ourselves in public

Many a time people tend to merge feelings, emotions and anger in what they do and how they do it. Sometimes for a genuine reason and at times just a trait which is so hard to shape by taming their anger. It some times comes to the extent where the behaviour starts to nag even the closest persons in those people's circles.

Take a scenario where you are in a meeting and one of the members begins to patronise the meeting "jumping the responsible chair"; or even starts to make derogative statements intended to put off some of the members trying to make a point straight. In trying to speak to them they block your sense with an even more rude statement. What should you do or how should you handle this fire? May be I don't know or this would help! Just cool down and let them calm down on their own as the air sobers up.

The only unfortunate thing is that people of such character never want to be corrected since they think that they know better than the others and probably any of the members attending. It only is polite, and shows maturity in reasoning and academia if the said people try to put their ideas in a more calm manner.

Not because of the incident that happened this afternoon as we were trying to forge ways to see how the dinner we are planning to be a success but because I realised that most of us lack this kind of "briefing." You could send this to a friend, it could be of help.
Till then enjoy your days when the Lord still keeps you alive.

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